Curb Your Enthusiasm: Kamikaze Pilot Clip

“I think mayyybe I’ll go back to BASE.”  Pure hilarity.


Here We Go Again Boys

Well I would be lying if I said that I expected anything more from the boys tonight.  You see, at Oregon State, this is just how they start off their seasons.  By losing.

I have to admit, they kept me watching til the end, although I did turn the TV off briefly when they were trailing 36-20.  They somehow managed to tease me a little more and almost friggin tie the game.  Yeah, the Beavers should have won, but I would hardly call this an upset.  Oregon State just starts off slow.  I can’t even imagine what would happen if the Beavers actually won to start off a season.  Holy crap, that would be way too much for the town of Corvallis to handle.  There would be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria.  Out of control.  Winning the first Pac-10 game of the year just isn’t how the Beavers go about their business.

So am I panicked?  Not yet.  Like I said, this is a fairly normal way for Oregon State to start out a season.  More than anything, I was bugged watching tonight’s game.  For a couple reasons.  First, it’s great to see that our stellar Pac-10 officiating is back for 2008.  I wasn’t paying that close of attention the whole time, but I noticed two missed calls.  I know, I know, it’s nothing to cry and complain about, but hey, it’s surely not a good sign, right?

And secondly, this.  Does anyone else find Jim Harbaugh as annoying as I did tonight?  I don’t have video or the patience to go and find some video, but freakin A.  Jimbo, you need to chill the freak out and act like a coach man.  If you want to jump up and down and play grab-ass the entire game, join the freaking cheerleading squad dude.  

Anyway, Coach Harbaugh’s rah-rah moves bugged me way more than OSU losing.  So this isn’t sour grapes or anything like that.  Seriously, take note and watch Jim Harbaugh this year.  He’s like a 12-year old kid coaching.  Being excited is great man, but try to keep the ass-slapping and fist pumps down to a minimum buddy.  Stanford ain’t gonna win that many games.

A New Era Begins


Why hello all.  Drew here.  Corey is out…well somewhere.  We’d like to welcome you to the new website.  We hope you enjoy your stay here. is going to be your source for everything cool and hip, because well, both Corey and I are both very cool and both very hip.  So it just naturally makes sense for our site to be your source for that sort of thing.  We just ooze hipness, people.  But in all seriousness, here at the site, we will blog about anything that we feel need to blog about, dangit.  News, sports, politics, hippies, weather, homeless people, TV shows, movies, good music, crappy music, in-between music, reality shows, knitting.  Seriously, anything goes here.

So there isn’t much more to say right now.  And I couldn’t find a picture that had anything to do with starting a new website, so a picture of Christina Milian (hot!) will have to do.  It’s a pret-ty good way to start off the new era of blogging round here.