Your 2008 Better-Late-Than-Never Pac-10 Preview

So in the process of switching sites and getting the new one up and running properly, I completely forgot to finish my Pac-10 preview that I had started early last week.  And instead of running through each team and why they’re good or why they’re bad, I’m just going to finish this up by predicting the order in which the teams will finish.

Yes, I know that the first weekend of college football is pretty much over, but my predictions haven’t changed a bit, despite how all the teams in the Pac-10 performed this past weekend.  Scout’s honor, people.  I haven’t changed anything.  I still think that UCLA isn’t going to be that good, despite beating Tennessee last night in grand fashion. (Freaking Awesome Game, by the way.)  I still think that Oregon State will finish better than Stanford, even though they got stomped on the other night by the Cardinal.  (Plus, OSU always finishes much stronger than they start…)  And I think that Oregon is finally going to surprise some people and finish the year stronger than they have in the past couple of seasons.  So here’s how I think they’ll finish: 

1. USC Trojans: Hard to pick them to go undefeated, so I’ll throw in an upset loss to a fellow Pac-10 team…someone like Oregon or ASU.

2. Oregon Ducks: One of the best defenses in the nation will be able to limit many Pac-10 offenses, therefore helping them win tight games all year long.

3. Arizona State Sun Devils: This team is definitely headed the right direction, under head man Dennis Erickson.  Offense is great, but defense is still a year away.

4. Oregon State Beavers: This team is going to finish strong as always, loss to Stanford be damned.  At least their QB Moevao seems to be off to a much better start than expected.  The front seven on D is what needs work now. 

5. California Golden Bears: Great start in a win against Michigan State.  This team isn’t going to be holding any #2 national ranking at any point this season, as was the case last season, but Tedford’s team will be in the mix for sure again.  

6. UCLA Bruins: We love when any Pac-10 team beats any team from the SEC, but UCLA is going to settle back down as they go throughout the year.  Give this team a couple years and Neuheisel will have them solidly in the top half of the conference.

7. Arizona Wildcats: I’m afraid this is the end of the line for Mike Stoops down in Tucson.  Wildcat QB Tuitama will be great, we think, but there isn’t much else to this team.  Chalk up a couple of “upset” conference wins for the Cats, but we don’t see them making a bowl and saving Stoops’ job.

8. Stanford Cardinal: Jim Harbaugh bugs the crap out of me.  Sadly for him, slapping ass and practically stunting with the cheerleading team won’t translate into many wins.  Scratch that, it doesn’t translate into anything really.  Plus, Stanford football players have to study much too hard to actually succeed at football.  If they were looking to study less (meaning no studying at all), they should have looked into Ohio State. 

9. Washington Huskies: Poor, poor Ty Willingham.  Same story as Coach Stoops at Arizona.  Their QB, Jake Locker gives them a puncher’s chance of winning games.  But it’s hard to have consistent success when you have a great QB and little else.  Man, I sure do miss the glory days of Husky football.  Sigh…

10. Washington State Cougars: Bring back Ryan Leaf and Drew Bledsoe days.  This is their only hope, people.  That’s all I got.


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