Happy Friday, My Fellow Americans

Well with all the political buzz these past couple weeks, I am currently feeling very, very patriotic.  And when I think patriotic, I think Jessica.  There is nothing more patriotic than that, folks.

Anyway, if Jessica doesn’t do anything for ya, here is Heidi Montag on the beach showing her American pride.  Did you know that Heidi Montag has actually endorsed John McCain for president?  It’s true, I just stumbled across the story on the internets.  Sure it’s old news, but still pretty shocking.  I mean, I’m amazed that she even knows who John McCain is.  Also, it’s actually refreshing to see a Hollywood “star” (I can’t really call her that, huh?) actually do something else besides just kiss Obama’s hind end all day long.

More on all this political-ness a little later, because I’m actually getting caught up in all of it.  And as usual, I can’t sit back and not say anything about it.  

But right now, I’m prepping for the first college football game of the year.  If I can successfully wake myself up at 6:45 am (that’s a big if), me and the old man will be hitting the road for Seattle.  Destination: Husky Stadium.  Going to go watch BYU take on the Huskies.  Even though I grew up die-hard Husky fan, I am hoping to see the Cougars win this one.  I plan on bringing the only piece of BYU swag that I own, a white ball cap with a blue Y on it,  but will probably wait until BYU is solidly winning to put it on.  

What? Why are you looking at me like that?  No, I’m not ashamed or scared.  Hey I love the Cougars, but this game ain’t being played in Provo.  And I’ve had too many bad experiences in enemy territory without any backup and I know what to expect.  I mean, it’s probably only going to be my dad and me, and I gotta look out for the old man.


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