My Completely Objective Personal Account of the BYU-Washington Game

Well at least the weather for the game was considered calm.

As far as everything that happened during the game, from kickoff to the final seconds, “calm” was hardly an appropriate description.  I have to say, this was a great game.  It was definitely worth the price of admission.  Actually, most every college game I’ve witnessed in person has been worth the price of admission.  I’ve been lucky like that.  This one though, definitely had some icing on the cake, as they say.

My dad and I went to the game as BYU fans.  We’re Mormon, so it kind of comes naturally.  At least a little bit natural.  And we have a little bit of love for the Huskies, so it was going to be a win-win for us all the way around.  We were just hoping for a good, competitive game.  And looking back, we got way more than we paid for.  It was great.

So when I go to events, especially sporting events, I always make mental notes of things I see around me.  The thoughts come up kind of randomly, so here we go.

1. There are a lot of things these days that make me feel old.  Too many to list individually right now.  One of them is getting up ridiculously frickin early and not going back to sleep.  The definition of ridiculously frickin early for me is anything before 7 am.   On Saturday, I needed to be awake by about 6:30 to be ready in time.  But my insanely uncomfortable bed had other plans.  It woke me up at about 5 am.  I still haven’t recovered from it.  As a matter of fact, I had to slam two Red Bulls just to make it through this post.

2. Everywhere BYU goes, they’re always going to have loyal fans in that city.  This is obvious.  I was still surprised how many BYU fans we saw walking to the game.  There were even more when we got into the stadium.  Definitely much more than the usual quota of fans for the visiting team.  It was kind of nice actually, since we were rooting for BYU.  We still didn’t cheer too loudly for BYU, as we were smack dab in the middle of enemy territory.  Fellow BYU fans were nowhere near us.

3. Best/funniest part of the day.  On the way in, we saw all the usual types of fans.  In front of us, there were the typical we-have-to-be-loud-and-drink-as-much-as-possible before we get into the game.  You know, frat boys and the like.  The funny part is that when I looked a little closer at them, they were all decked out in BYU gear!  I thought it was hilarious.  And they were definitely loving the attention they were getting.  For all I know, they could have just been Husky fans being funny.  I thought it was great, so I snapped a photo.  It was hilarious, I’m tellin ya.   

4. As for the game, it was close the entire time.  Pretty much always tied.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  7-7 after on quarter.  14-14 at the half.  21-21 at the end of three.  It felt a lot like how it goes when I play Madden 08.  Lots of scoring.  Not very much defense.  Two observations about the game: Jake Locker and Harvey Unga are both pretty amazing players.  I had no idea that Unga was that good, and Locker….well he is amazing.  Oh and both defenses are pretty worthless.  If BYU plans on busting the BCS this season, they will have to make some changes.  Especially if they play a QB with any similarities to Jake Locker.

5.  Bold, theoretical statement: If Jake Locker would have went to Oregon to play (or any team better than UW, for that matter), the Ducks would play for the national title this year.  I am almost certain of this.  I would put any amount of money on it.

6. The people of Seattle, Washington LOVE Jake Locker.  I saw at least 1,000 Jake Locker jerseys with my own eyes, and obviously there were many more than that in the rest of the stadium.  I don’t think the fans up there even know there are 10 other players on the field when Locker is playing.  And since Locker doesn’t play defense, I am not entirely sure that UW fans know exactly what’s happening when their team is on the field playing defense.  I think they are all under the impression that he was sent from the ‘gods of mediocre and formerly corrupt football programs.’  This is the same football gods that folks in Coral Gables (U. of Miami) and Tallahassee (Florida State U.) pray to.

7. Now for the botched call at the end of the game.  After two days of non-stop reaction to the unsportmanslike conduct penalty that was called on Locker, I get it.  I get that it was a bad, bad call.  And I agree that the rule that the NCAA has enforced is bogus.  But let’s not forget that Washington still had a relatively good shot at making that extra point.  I also understand that yes, making a PAT from 35 yards is going to be harder than a normal PAT attempt.  There is no denying this.  But let’s not get carried away and make this seem like he had to kick the ball 50 yards and he had no shot of making it.  Yeah, by moving the ball back, the level of difficulty was increased but not by that much.  (Husky honk will never agree with me on this and that is fine.)

8. More about this penalty call.  I feel that this point is getting lost in all the articles being written.  From Gennaro Filice of, let’s not forget this please.  “Now, let me get one thing straight — officials did not hand this game to BYU. The Cougars played well enough to win at a tough road venue. And even if the excessive celebration penalty had not been imposed and Washington had converted the PAT, the game was still headed to overtime.”

Everyone has forgotten this and are practically accusing BYU of paying officials off and what not.  Trust me, I heard people saying as much at the game.  I was there.  Hello, they were PAC-10 OFFICIALS, so calm down.  There is no way to say who would have won the game in OT.  But it’s not like BYU got a free ride to victory, and everyone is reacting to this as if that was the case.

9. I could go on more about this penalty call but I’ll stop.  One last thing though.  After the game ended, we kept as quiet as possible.  We weren’t going to be that stupid.  I cheered once real loud when BYU blocked the kick, but that was it.  I mean, I wanted to get out of there alive.  Oh annnnd I was just waiting to be offended before I left the game too.  That was on my list of things to do for the day.  Be offended, check.  So thanks UW fan, for doing the honors.  It’s a real classy move (and really, really, really original too) to shout something crude about Mormons when your team loses to BYU.  I’m sure this guy was like the first guy ever in the history of college football to shout something about Mormons and how manly he thinks we are.  

I may not be the most PC guy around, but I nor anybody that I know would shout something derogatory about Catholics upon losing to Notre Dame.  It’s a real sign of intelligence, for sure.  For that reason alone, I have no sympathy for UW or it’s excessively celebrating players!  HA!

10. Last thing.  In reference to where we were sitting, I believe I have a pretty good idea how an offensive coordinator sees the game from his perch at the highest point of the stadium.  Me and Norm Chow now have something in common.  Here’s the visual.


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