Happy Friday: Halle Berry Edition

Halle Berry says “Happy Friday.”  And so do I.  I don’t think I’ve ever featured one Halle Berry here on the site, or in my blogging days at all.  And for that, I humbly and gracefully apologize.  Hopefully, this makes up for it, at least in part.  If not, trust me, I will keep working on it.  (By the way, that woman just had a child!  Wow.)

Anyway, notes from my Friday so far.  Do you know how freakin’ hard it is to navigate the UPS website to apply for a stinkin’ job?  Waaaay harder than it should be.  Last night as I was navigating through the application, and I felt like I was applying for a vice president position with the company, and not the dockworker position that I was actually going for.  So once I figure it out, I’ll let you know how it goes.

So other than that, there isn’t much going on.  The wife’s having a girls night tonight, so apparently I’ll be throwing together a boys night out.  I’ll probably end up staying home watching re-runs of Cops and playing Madden, but at least the wife gets to have some fun.

Here are some links for the day.

1. The Big Lead previews week 2 in the NFL for y’all.  We agree with their take about the Pat’s chances with Cassel at the helm, instead of Brady.  We think they’ll do okay enough with Brady.  Pats beat Jets 24-20.

2. I know I’m a little late to the party, but apparently the Yankees are done and will not be seeing the postseason this season.  FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY.  

3. Oddly enough, I JUST heard that there’s this big college football game happening this weekend or something.  I think it’s Ohio State playing either UCLA or USC right?  Out in California, getting tickets will definitely cost you.  Our take: USC 27, Ohio State 20.

4. Joey Harrington once dominated football in the state of Oregon.  Looks like he’s back in town again…at least for a while.  Maybe for good though?  Harrington’s plight is pretty unfortunate.  Too bad too, he’s a pretty cool  dude.  And he’s down with Law & Order too. 

5. Vice Presidential babe Sarah Palin had her first interview with the media.  No surprise the Boston Herald calls Charlie Gibson’s tatics “tough, but respective.”

6. For equal time’s sake, here is a take on the Palin interview, from the National Review Online.


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