I Saw The Season Starting Differently in My Head

It’s only been two weeks, but it’s never too late to panic when it comes to fantasy football, I say.  And I blame picking this man with the 2nd overall pick.  Compared to the prospect of grabbing Adrian Peterson instead (36 fantasy pts thus far), LT’s 15 fantasy points are rather depressing.  Dude.  Mr. Tomlinson.  Can I call you LaDanian?  It’s a FREAKING toe!!!  Tape up that S.O.B. and play on it!!  It’s just one of your toes, man!  You have NINE other ones!  

Even worse news, with my fantasy football luck, this is going to linger all season long.  For some reason, anything to do with toes always is classified as one of those “nagging” kind of injuries.  Ugh.


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