Actual NFL Players Doing a Fantasy Football Draft

It’s actually pretty funny stuff.  Obviously most of these guys a) don’t give a flying crap about fantasy football and are just messing around b) don’t really know what fantasy football is, as Cooley points out or c) are under the influence of a controlled substance when making their picks.  I’m sure some of them would fall under all three categories. (I am looking at YOU Colt Brennen.)  

I, like Chris Cooley, also wonder how in the hell NFL players do not know how to play or has never heard of fantasy football.  He seems to be the only one that knows anything about it, out of all ten or so of these guys.  And when you play in the actual NFL (!), I would just assume you would have at least heard of it by now.  It’s just plain nuts.

My favorite part of this clip is Colt Brennen picking LenDale White in what appears to be the first round of the draft.  Whether that’s an NFL player making that pick or not, there is just no excuse.  That is the WORST fantasy football pick I’ve ever heard of.  Ever.  We love Chris Cooley’s response: “Yeah, that’s a GAY pick.”


A New Era Begins


Why hello all.  Drew here.  Corey is out…well somewhere.  We’d like to welcome you to the new website.  We hope you enjoy your stay here. is going to be your source for everything cool and hip, because well, both Corey and I are both very cool and both very hip.  So it just naturally makes sense for our site to be your source for that sort of thing.  We just ooze hipness, people.  But in all seriousness, here at the site, we will blog about anything that we feel need to blog about, dangit.  News, sports, politics, hippies, weather, homeless people, TV shows, movies, good music, crappy music, in-between music, reality shows, knitting.  Seriously, anything goes here.

So there isn’t much more to say right now.  And I couldn’t find a picture that had anything to do with starting a new website, so a picture of Christina Milian (hot!) will have to do.  It’s a pret-ty good way to start off the new era of blogging round here.