Happy Friday, My Fellow Americans

Well with all the political buzz these past couple weeks, I am currently feeling very, very patriotic.  And when I think patriotic, I think Jessica.  There is nothing more patriotic than that, folks.

Anyway, if Jessica doesn’t do anything for ya, here is Heidi Montag on the beach showing her American pride.  Did you know that Heidi Montag has actually endorsed John McCain for president?  It’s true, I just stumbled across the story on the internets.  Sure it’s old news, but still pretty shocking.  I mean, I’m amazed that she even knows who John McCain is.  Also, it’s actually refreshing to see a Hollywood “star” (I can’t really call her that, huh?) actually do something else besides just kiss Obama’s hind end all day long.

More on all this political-ness a little later, because I’m actually getting caught up in all of it.  And as usual, I can’t sit back and not say anything about it.  

But right now, I’m prepping for the first college football game of the year.  If I can successfully wake myself up at 6:45 am (that’s a big if), me and the old man will be hitting the road for Seattle.  Destination: Husky Stadium.  Going to go watch BYU take on the Huskies.  Even though I grew up die-hard Husky fan, I am hoping to see the Cougars win this one.  I plan on bringing the only piece of BYU swag that I own, a white ball cap with a blue Y on it,  but will probably wait until BYU is solidly winning to put it on.  

What? Why are you looking at me like that?  No, I’m not ashamed or scared.  Hey I love the Cougars, but this game ain’t being played in Provo.  And I’ve had too many bad experiences in enemy territory without any backup and I know what to expect.  I mean, it’s probably only going to be my dad and me, and I gotta look out for the old man.


Actual NFL Players Doing a Fantasy Football Draft

It’s actually pretty funny stuff.  Obviously most of these guys a) don’t give a flying crap about fantasy football and are just messing around b) don’t really know what fantasy football is, as Cooley points out or c) are under the influence of a controlled substance when making their picks.  I’m sure some of them would fall under all three categories. (I am looking at YOU Colt Brennen.)  

I, like Chris Cooley, also wonder how in the hell NFL players do not know how to play or has never heard of fantasy football.  He seems to be the only one that knows anything about it, out of all ten or so of these guys.  And when you play in the actual NFL (!), I would just assume you would have at least heard of it by now.  It’s just plain nuts.

My favorite part of this clip is Colt Brennen picking LenDale White in what appears to be the first round of the draft.  Whether that’s an NFL player making that pick or not, there is just no excuse.  That is the WORST fantasy football pick I’ve ever heard of.  Ever.  We love Chris Cooley’s response: “Yeah, that’s a GAY pick.”

Throwback Post: Who Exactly is Michael Monsoor?

So I was browsing through some old posts from the old site today.  Wow, was I all over the freakin place.  But I was young and not-as-educated in the blogging ways back then.  Not to say I’ve improved at all now, I still suck at it.  But I just hope that I don’t suck as much now.

Anyway, here’s part of a good post from back on June 20th of 2007.  While casually watching part of the RNC yesterday, I saw a tribute video about Michael Monsoor, so I thought this old post was kind of fitting.


Here is an article from Jeff Emanuel.net:

Michael Monsoor of Garden Grove, California, felt the same call to serve his country that had led his father and brother into the Marine Corps. He was pulled in a different direction from his family members, though — he was drawn to the U.S. Navy, not out of a desire to serve in the fleet, but out of a burning ambition to serve as a Navy SEAL, one of America’s Special Operations elites.

Monsoor excelled at BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training and was assigned to SEAL Team Three, based at Coronado, California. In Iraq, as he fought alongside his teammates, he repeatedly demonstrated the bravery and heroism characteristic of America’s fighting men and women, and it was in Iraq, on September 29, 2006, that the 25-year-old hero gave his life to protect them.

A recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for his earlier actions in the War on Terror, Monsoor was awarded a Silver Star, the third-highest medal conferred upon members of the United States military, for his valor and selflessness while engaged in a firefight in Ramadi in May, when, according to the report, “he and another SEAL pulled a team member shot in the leg to safety while bullets pinged off the ground around them.” Only a few weeks later, Monsoor’s willingness to risk his life for his teammates was demonstrated to the utmost, as he made the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of the men around him.

According to the Navy’s official narrative,

On 29 September, Monsoor was part of a sniper overwatch security position in eastern Ramadi, Iraq, with three other SEALs and eight Iraqi soldiers. …Ramadi had been a violent and intense area for a very strong and aggressive insurgency for some time. …An insurgency fighter…threw a fragment grenade into the overwatch position which hit Monsoor in the chest before falling in front of him. Monsoor yelled “Grenade!” and dropped on top of the grenade prior to it exploding. Monsoor’s body shielded the others from the brunt of the fragmentation blast and two other SEALs were only wounded by the remaining blast.

It is necessary to understand, in order to fully appreciate the magnitude of Monsoor’s sacrifice, that, due to the orientation of the room and the location of its lone exit, he was the only person who could have escaped. Doing so, though, would have meant abandoning the others in the room to grievous injury or, more likely, to death. Knowing both courses of action, and the consequences of each, he had to make a split-second decision.

Said Monsoor’s mother later, “We just knew that if Mike was put in a situation like he was, he wouldn’t hesitate.”

And he didn’t. According to the Associated Press, “One SEAL lieutenant…watched Monsoor shield him and others from exploding hot metal …when the grenade blew up their sniper position. ‘Mikey had the best chance of avoiding harm altogether,’ said the officer. ‘But he never took his eye off the grenade.’”

A mere two weeks away from redeploying home from Iraq himself, Monsoor gave up his life so that the men around him would have a chance to return to their families.

As was so eloquently and succinctly put by the Chicago Tribune’s Kristen Scharnberg shortly after the incident, in an article titled “Medals of Honor largely MIA among heroics of Iraq war”:

The men who were there that day say they could see the options flicker across Michael Monsoor’s face: save himself or save the men he had long considered brothers.

He chose them.

The decision was made in less than an instant, and those whose lives would have ended that day but for Monsoor’s action will carry a weighty gratitude for as long as they live. Three months after making the ultimate sacrifice, Mike Monsoor was nominated for a posthumous Medal of Honor, and, if there is any justice in this world, that request will be approved as quickly as possible.


I still don’t have much to add personally to this article.  I am only a novice when it comes to talking about serious things like politics and the world and critical issues.  But with all the hooplah surrounding these upcoming elections, I find it amazing how many people have forgotten the soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for you and me.  Yeah sure, it’s been almost two years since Monsoor gave his life, but that shouldn’t make what he did any less courageous.  I think it’s also pretty pathetic how we have forgotten those who are still over there doing what they can to keep us safe.

Your 2008 Better-Late-Than-Never Pac-10 Preview

So in the process of switching sites and getting the new one up and running properly, I completely forgot to finish my Pac-10 preview that I had started early last week.  And instead of running through each team and why they’re good or why they’re bad, I’m just going to finish this up by predicting the order in which the teams will finish.

Yes, I know that the first weekend of college football is pretty much over, but my predictions haven’t changed a bit, despite how all the teams in the Pac-10 performed this past weekend.  Scout’s honor, people.  I haven’t changed anything.  I still think that UCLA isn’t going to be that good, despite beating Tennessee last night in grand fashion. (Freaking Awesome Game, by the way.)  I still think that Oregon State will finish better than Stanford, even though they got stomped on the other night by the Cardinal.  (Plus, OSU always finishes much stronger than they start…)  And I think that Oregon is finally going to surprise some people and finish the year stronger than they have in the past couple of seasons.  So here’s how I think they’ll finish: 

1. USC Trojans: Hard to pick them to go undefeated, so I’ll throw in an upset loss to a fellow Pac-10 team…someone like Oregon or ASU.

2. Oregon Ducks: One of the best defenses in the nation will be able to limit many Pac-10 offenses, therefore helping them win tight games all year long.

3. Arizona State Sun Devils: This team is definitely headed the right direction, under head man Dennis Erickson.  Offense is great, but defense is still a year away.

4. Oregon State Beavers: This team is going to finish strong as always, loss to Stanford be damned.  At least their QB Moevao seems to be off to a much better start than expected.  The front seven on D is what needs work now. 

5. California Golden Bears: Great start in a win against Michigan State.  This team isn’t going to be holding any #2 national ranking at any point this season, as was the case last season, but Tedford’s team will be in the mix for sure again.  

6. UCLA Bruins: We love when any Pac-10 team beats any team from the SEC, but UCLA is going to settle back down as they go throughout the year.  Give this team a couple years and Neuheisel will have them solidly in the top half of the conference.

7. Arizona Wildcats: I’m afraid this is the end of the line for Mike Stoops down in Tucson.  Wildcat QB Tuitama will be great, we think, but there isn’t much else to this team.  Chalk up a couple of “upset” conference wins for the Cats, but we don’t see them making a bowl and saving Stoops’ job.

8. Stanford Cardinal: Jim Harbaugh bugs the crap out of me.  Sadly for him, slapping ass and practically stunting with the cheerleading team won’t translate into many wins.  Scratch that, it doesn’t translate into anything really.  Plus, Stanford football players have to study much too hard to actually succeed at football.  If they were looking to study less (meaning no studying at all), they should have looked into Ohio State. 

9. Washington Huskies: Poor, poor Ty Willingham.  Same story as Coach Stoops at Arizona.  Their QB, Jake Locker gives them a puncher’s chance of winning games.  But it’s hard to have consistent success when you have a great QB and little else.  Man, I sure do miss the glory days of Husky football.  Sigh…

10. Washington State Cougars: Bring back Ryan Leaf and Drew Bledsoe days.  This is their only hope, people.  That’s all I got.

Strictly My Opinion: An Erin Andrews Post is Always Awesome and Can Never Get Old

I never really wanted to be a sportscaster, but now I’d sure give it the ol’ college try.  You can thank me later: video and pictures for you!!  And last week, Erin Andrews talked to WEEI in Boston and said that Manny Ramirez is apparently kind of a jerk.  Big, big surprise.  And then they start talking about how smokin’ hot she is….umm can you say awkward?

And she’d never admit it, but I think (from the way she talks about them) that Erin hates the Rays just like me.  Talk about the girl of my dreams…

Take a visit here, you will be glad you did.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Kamikaze Pilot Clip

“I think mayyybe I’ll go back to BASE.”  Pure hilarity.

Here We Go Again Boys

Well I would be lying if I said that I expected anything more from the boys tonight.  You see, at Oregon State, this is just how they start off their seasons.  By losing.

I have to admit, they kept me watching til the end, although I did turn the TV off briefly when they were trailing 36-20.  They somehow managed to tease me a little more and almost friggin tie the game.  Yeah, the Beavers should have won, but I would hardly call this an upset.  Oregon State just starts off slow.  I can’t even imagine what would happen if the Beavers actually won to start off a season.  Holy crap, that would be way too much for the town of Corvallis to handle.  There would be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria.  Out of control.  Winning the first Pac-10 game of the year just isn’t how the Beavers go about their business.

So am I panicked?  Not yet.  Like I said, this is a fairly normal way for Oregon State to start out a season.  More than anything, I was bugged watching tonight’s game.  For a couple reasons.  First, it’s great to see that our stellar Pac-10 officiating is back for 2008.  I wasn’t paying that close of attention the whole time, but I noticed two missed calls.  I know, I know, it’s nothing to cry and complain about, but hey, it’s surely not a good sign, right?

And secondly, this.  Does anyone else find Jim Harbaugh as annoying as I did tonight?  I don’t have video or the patience to go and find some video, but freakin A.  Jimbo, you need to chill the freak out and act like a coach man.  If you want to jump up and down and play grab-ass the entire game, join the freaking cheerleading squad dude.  

Anyway, Coach Harbaugh’s rah-rah moves bugged me way more than OSU losing.  So this isn’t sour grapes or anything like that.  Seriously, take note and watch Jim Harbaugh this year.  He’s like a 12-year old kid coaching.  Being excited is great man, but try to keep the ass-slapping and fist pumps down to a minimum buddy.  Stanford ain’t gonna win that many games.